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About us

In the new era of market globalisation and continuous challenge with the incoming potential countries, the Italian companies who deals with productions of mechanics particulars are trying to increase quality and working technology using automatic and integrate solutions in order to lower productions' costs while increasing trustfulness of the producing cycle.

SNAP Robotics proposes itself with very good quality products and technical support able to realize personalized automatic systems for the different queries of any customer. SNAP Robotics uses anthropomorphic robots FANUC Robotics and CNC FANUC GE for running all the automotive systems of the production's procedures. Thanks to this the user will have all the guaranties and advantages that only a worldwide leader product can offer and furthermore a simply and functional integration with working machines.

SNAP Robotics is specialized in enslaving load/unload tool machines lathes, grinding, horizontal and vertical centres, serration machines, measurements machines etc.. always following high quality standard on precision of results.

SNAP Robotics produces all various components that uses to his own automations. Our commercial office takes care particularly about any request of the customer from the study and project of the automation thanks to a 20 years experience in this field and enriched also by the modern technology the product offers.

Technical service assistance counts of a very qualified staff who can grants efficiency and operativity of the installed plants during the years through preventive maintenance or assistance in short times with excellent results.