Progettazione impianti robot


Descrizione della tecnologia applicata sulle tavole

Alta forza di bloccaggio idraulica. Nessun problema di perdite di olio. Consigliata per lavorazioni pesanti.

Vantaggi del sistema di bloccaggio a cartuccia

  1. L'esclusivo sistema di bloccaggio carticcia è composto in due anelli assemblati con precisione per ridurre al minimo la distanza fra elemento fisso e quello di frenatura . It prevents deformation of the table surface during braking.
  2. Easy to adjust concentricity of bearing and brake unit. Offset of rotating center is no necessary during braking.
  3. At high hydraulic pressure by 5Mpa, there is no oil leakage concern from the brake unit. This ensures high clamping torque.
  4. The brake unit is close to the table surface to minimize table run-out during machining and clamping, the rigidity of rotary table provides stability while heavy cutting.
  5. Easy to maintain.

High rigidity. Minimum Table Surface Deformation. Ideal for Heavy Cutting Applications.

Spindle shaft and 3 pcs type radial and axial bearings integrate as one unit.

Advantages of integrated radial and axial bearings (spindle and 3 pcs type radial and axial bearings integrated as one unit)

  • The rigidity of rolling parts is only 20-30% of the whole rigidity, and the supported rigidity of the way surface shares 70-80%.
  • The way surfaces (H1 and h1) are thicker than that of competitive models, offering higher structural rigidity under heavy cutting conditions.
  • Less parts construction leads to less accumulated error, while offering better indexing accuracy and repeatability.
  • Large through-hole diameter with high rigidity.

Radial and axial bearings (Ref. to pg.9)

  • Dynamic loading:Large
  • Rigidity:High
  • Dynamic loading:Large
  • Tilting Moment:Large
  • Suitable for heavy cutting with minumum deformation of table surface

Higher Tooth Depth. Greater Module. Ideal for Heavy Cutting Applications.

Dual-lead worm

  1. By using an incremental thread design on the dual lead worm, backlash can be accurately adjusted by simply moving worm in the axial direction after long urn times.
  2. Backlash adjustment can reach 0.008-0.012 mm.
  3. Contact surface of the dual lead worm is 1/3 greater than conventional worms. This makes the rotary table excellent for heavy cutting applications.
  4. Greater module and higher tooth depth is more suitable for heavy cuttion.
  5. The worm shaft is mounted at the bottom of the rotary table and completely immersed in lubrication oil for thorough lubrication and increased service life.

Circumference is fully sealed by O-ring to prevent fluid from entering.

The electronic parts guard is completely sealed by an O-ring to prevent cutting fluid from entering and motor burnout.

Waterproof grade can reach IP65.

Dependable Accuracy. Meets International Standard.

ISO 230-2 International Standard HEIDENHAIN ACCOM

The accuracy test results are based on ISO 230-2 standards with 5 continuous clockwise and counter clockwise rotations.(For detailed information,refer to pg.12)